A close and lock system activated with just the power of the hand. The re-useable Key-rings are an easy and economical choice for security professionals.

The key-rings ensure keys cannot be removed without user’s knowledge or authority and maintain the integrity of their keys at all times.

As used by hospitals, universities, correctional centres, casinos, mines, defence sites and many other major commercial and Government facilities throughout Australia

KeyWatch Systems’ key-rings are the ideal way to ensure piece of mind with great features such as:

  • Each hub is serialised to prevent substitution
  • Hubs can be replaced, allowing key-rings to be reusable
  • Hubs come in 7 different colours (brown, green, black, blue, red, yellow, white) for security and departmental coding purposes
  • Key-rings are made of 5/32" stainless steel 303
  • Available in various diameters
  • Replaces welded rings