Key-Ply by Keystone Linings is a range of perforated plywood panels engineered to render both aesthetic and acoustic benefits to interior spaces.

Prefinished in a choice of metallic, wood grain and pearl effects with a variety of perforation patterns and borders, Key-Ply delivers a natural and organic timber aesthetic. The inherent acoustic qualities of timber can be combined with comprehensive perforation techniques and backing materials to achieve optimum noise reduction, especially when used with K100 backing.

Key-Ply perforated or slotted plywood

Key-Ply can be an excellent sound insulator when the slotted or perforated pattern is used. The acoustic qualities of timber can be optimised by Keystone Acoustics’ compressed perforation techniques and various backing materials available. This allows designers to create a natural timber appearance that introduces warmth, beauty and organic elegance while the panel’s natural acoustic properties will provide sound insulation to further add to the ambience.

Key-Ply perforated plywood is perfect for interior and exterior walls and ceilings in high traffic areas, high-impact wall linings in shopping centres and hotels, as well as hallways, auditoriums, theatres and studios.