Around the world, the design and construction industry is investigating materials and construction systems that enable sustainable, healthy buildings and spaces without compromising on versatility and performance. Timber and plywood meet this demand, and as such are experiencing resurgence in popularity; plywood in particular has become a favoured choice for designers wishing to combine high functionality and a contemporary aesthetic.

In their new whitepaper, Building smarter: The use of timber & plywood in contemporary design, interior linings and acoustic panel experts Keystone explore how the new generation of timber products on the market meet heightened performance and aesthetic demands.

To begin, the whitepaper explores the high degree of design versatility afforded by structural timber and plywood. It then highlights the material’s excellent dimensional stability and machinability, in addition to its distinctive appearance and compatibility with a range of finishing options. The whitepaper then shifts its focus toward the role of timber products in achieving elevated health and sustainability outcomes. 

For more than 40 years, Keystone has led the Australian market for architecturally designed interior linings and acoustic panels. The proudly Australian owned and operated business combines comprehensive technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities with a strong focus on health, sustainability, and regulatory compliance.

To learn more about timber and how it can enhance your next project, download Building smarter: The use of timber & plywood in contemporary design