Key-Lena fibreboard panels provide maximum noise reduction and can be perforated, patterned, slotted or shaped to suit any project requirements. When combined with KA100 from Keystone Linings, acoustic performance is further improved. Key-Lena can be used in two ways, as an internal acoustic wall, or as a decorative outer wall in hallways, hotels, clubs, offices, conservatories, libraries or auditoriums.

A number of finishes are available with the Key-Lena fibreboard panels. Laminates include Laminex and Formica. Veneers range from natural to reconstituted, while Key-Nirvana is a vinyl concept veneer. Polyurethane finishes are available in satin, full gloss, metallic, pearl, stained, or low yellowing finish. The acid cat clear comes in matt, satin, pearl, metallic or full gloss finish, while acid cat stained comes in matt, satin or full gloss finish. Finally, the polyurethane stain comes in matt, satin or full gloss.

Key-Lena is Australian made, cost effective and can be fitted to a number of applications. It can provide the natural look of timber, or be perforated, slotted or patterned. Key-Lena can also be fitted with a Keystone Linings Smartfix Fixing System or a Rondo System.