Keystone Linings Key-Board is a unique plasterboard which can be used as a decorative and acoustic ceiling and wall lining. It provides superior sound insulation for maximum acoustic performance, and is suitable for use in lecture theatres, cinemas, auditoriums and partition walls. Key-Board can be integrated with other plaster features, or act as a structural deterrent to pests and insects.

Key-Board can be customised to suit any project need, with a variety of panel sizes, perforations and patterns available. It can be finished with tiles, impact resistant boards, plain or shaped panels, and an undercoat option is available (however on-site painting by others after installation is recommended).

A part from providing excellent acoustic performance, the Key-Board is lightweight and easy to install making it cost effective. It is Australian made and offers a broad design scope which can easily be incorporated with other materials. The Key-Board can also be painted to improve longevity, has a low embodied energy, and has the potential to be recycled.