Keystone Linings is a specialist provider of architectural design solutions, offering a wide range of acoustic panelling systems engineered for optimum performance.  

The Australian owned and operated company offers patterned, perforated and slotted acoustic panelling solutions that have been showcased in many of Australia’s iconic buildings.  

Acoustic panelling solutions from Keystone Linings are specially engineered to suit diverse applications ranging from contemporary office fitouts to designer facades.  

Keystone’s acoustic panelling solutions combine a wide range of quality substrates with superior finishes to deliver acoustic performance, durability and design versatility.  

Some of these substrates include: 

  • Fire retardant E0 MDF Group 1 certified
  • MDF and veneered MDF
  • Plywood and veneered plywood
  • Plasterboard
  • Fibre cement and compressed fibre cement
  • Laminated and pre-finished panels
  • Composite aluminium panels
  • Acrylic and fabric panels


Acoustic panelling solutions from Keystone Linings include ceiling panels, lining panels and wall panels that have been engineered for superior acoustic performance using expert slotting, patterning and perforating techniques.  

Perforated panels and slotted panels offer advantages such as increased noise reduction, aesthetic value, decorative profiling, concealed fixing system and easy installation.  

Custom patterning services are offered by Keystone to meet the demand for unique-looking panels such as hole patterns, panel shapes and material specification.  

KEY-PLY hoop pine plywood panels are designed for interior and exterior walls as well as ceilings.  

Engineered to create a natural timber appearance, the acoustic panels are suitable for high traffic areas, building entrances and foyers, hallways, auditoriums, theatres and studios.  

KEY-LENA medium density boards (MDF) are ideal for internal acoustic walls as well as decorative walls in hallways, hotels, clubs and offices.  

These acoustic panels are available in a range of finishes such as timber grain, metallic and pearl.  

KEY-ECLIPSE fire retardant MDF panels are suitable for commercial applications as internal acoustic walls or decorative walls.  

The panels can be perforated, slotted and enhanced with a range of decorative pre-finished options.  

KEY-BOARD plasterboard panels are used for acoustic and decorative applications in walls or ceilings.  

Designed for high acoustic performance, these panels are ideal for internal acoustic walls and ceilings, wall feature panels or partition walls.  

KEY-ENDURA fibre cement panels are suitable for ceiling, wall and wet area applications.  

Ideal for outdoor installation, these lightweight panels are available in various thicknesses and sizes. Sound absorptive backing can be provided to achieve additional soundproofing.  

KEY-KOMPRESS compressed fibre cement panels are perforated to achieve excellent acoustic insulation. These acoustic panels are particularly suitable for building facades and commercial cladding applications.  

KEY-NIRVANA panels are cost-effective acoustic panelling solutions that are suitable for internal acoustic walls and ceilings, feature panels or partition walls.  

KEY-DESIGNA panels are custom-engineered acoustic panels specially manufactured for specific design requirements.