Keverton Outdoor  offer a range of outdoor heating devices including stock from Parasol Heaters Australia. 

Parasol Heaters Australia’s SP40 semi-portable patio heater is designed to provide heating without the requirement of electrical connections. The semi-portable patio heater runs on the economy of natural gas and still with the flexibility of a portable heater. 

Key benefits and features of the SP40 semi-portable patio heater includes: 

  • 40mj/hr input rating 
  • includes 100% fire safety control
  • corrosion resistant construction
  • has an AGA approval number of 6130
  • comes in a classic stainless steel finish for durability 
  • warmth extends within a 5metre circle 
  • suitable for use in a range of outdoor residential and commercial restaurant spaces
  • comes with a 12month domestic or 90 day commercial limited warranty
  • fully serviceable on request