New U.S. technology in infrared electric outdoor heating is currently making a big impression around Australia. Manufactured in California by Infratech USA, the “infratube” quartz electric heating system is exclusively imported by Keverton Outdoor , based in Melbourne.  

“The key to the powerful heating output lies in the quartz infratube electric element,” Keverton Managing Director, Kevin Smith says.  

“The element reaches full capacity in just 90 seconds and because of the infrared electric ray, is not affected by wind.”  

“The principle is the same as the sun. When you are sitting in the shade and it is windy, if you move to the sun and you experience the same wind, you still feel the heat from the sun. We just have the added benefit of no harmful ultra violet rays.”  

“We also waste no energy trying to heat the air, and have no harmful gas emissions or naked flames. We also eliminate the hassle of having to change gas bottles.”  

At just 11cents per kilowatt hour to operate, the “infratube” is highly cost effective.  

The company imports sizes from 2kw output through to 8kw output and, since it is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel, the “infratube” is ideal for coastal or humid conditions.  

Smith says, “It is a very Aussie way of life to entertain outdoors and now there is no need to limit this alfresco lifestyle only to the summer months. The “infratube” now allows all year outdoor dining.”  

With the introduction of tough new “smoke free” laws, commercial venues must provide comfortable outdoor areas, or risk losing patrons to more comfortable heated venues.  

“For designated smoking areas, especially at gaming venues, the infratube has the ability to be fitted with a movement sensor, therefore allowing for automatic operation when a client enters the outdoor environment to smoke,” Smith adds.  

“This eliminates the need for staff to be constantly turning heaters on and off for patrons.”