Infrared heaters or IR heaters, as they are also known, are available for purchase from Keverton Outdoor. They can be classified into three different types.

Near infrared or short wave IR heaters
These heaters operate at high filament temperatures above 1800 degrees celsius. They are ideal for the heating of silica where a deep penetration is needed.

Medium wave and carbon IR heaters
These heaters operate at filament temperatures around 100 degrees celsius.

Far IR heaters
These heaters are mainly used in low temperature infrared saunas.

Infrared heaters are mostly used in infrared modules or emitter banks that combine several heaters to achieve a larger heated area. They are also used in industrial manufacturing processes such as the curing of coatings, plastic welding, glass processing and cooking and browning food. As well as for providing warmth to animals such as reptiles and tropical birds and those being kept in zoos and veterinary clinics.