Catering for outdoor heating or comfort heating as it is also known was the reason why Keverton Outdoor was first established. The company realised that both domestically and commercially more and more people in Australia were or wanted to dine and entertain outdoors.  

Keverton has a number of practical and effective outdoor heating solutions for this growing market. They have a number of economical outdoor heating systems available including their range of alfresco and infratube heaters. These heaters will enable users to extend their alfresco experience further into the colder months of the year.

It was not only the introduction of smoke free laws across the country that spurred commercial enterprises to embrace such outdoor heating solutions but these restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels also realised that it was to their commercial advantage to offer their clientele such services. This has resulted in Keverton's range of patio and electric alfresco heating becoming very popular with commercial customers.