Keverton Outdoor has designed and manufactured a heating system which is compact and elegant in design, with a 12 month warranty on parts. The Infratech W Series 8 KW heating system has a dual element, no open flames and a parabolic reflector with a corrosive resistant alloy. The stainless steel cover is tough and durable, is not easily affected by weather elements such as wind and sun, and will not corrode in salty air so is suitable for coastal areas.

As there are no moving parts, the Infratech W Series 8 KW heating system is low maintenance, and the operation is efficient, effective and silent. Customers have the option of having a ceiling, wall or flush mount which is made of plaster, and the heater is 1555 millimetres wide. The Infratech 8 KW heater is commercial grade and one of the most powerful and durable heaters on the market. It produces instant heat and works well in both indoor and outdoor environments.