A new, rubber-tracked loader, was recently used during maintenance work at Frankston Beach in Melbourne.    

Ideal for use on sandy or boggy ground, Programmed Facility Management used the rubber-tracked loader from Kennards Hire to pick up sand that had blown onto paths and grass areas, and return it to the beach.  

Team leader, Ian Morton, said that a large amount of sand gets blown off the beach by northerly winds, and the only way to get it back on and spread it around is with a tracked loader.   The rubber tracks on this tracked loader made it suitable for use on grass areas, without the risk of causing damage.  

Programmed Facility Management is contracted by Frankston City Council to carry out all building maintenance, as well as Central Activities District maintenance such as street sweeping, amenities cleaning and foreshore work.  

Because of the variety of work it undertakes, the company regularly hires Kennards’ equipment to supplement its own plant.  

The tracked loader, which has about the same capacity as 4-SDK8 loader, weighs 2700kg and is 1470mm wide without the bucket attached. The tracked loader had a load capacity of up to 1600kg and has a dump height of 2275mm.