A 1.2 tonne, articulated, ride-on roller from Kennards Hire was recently used on a construction project at the Heidelberg campus of the North Melbourne Institute of TAFE, and was particularly useful for work in corners.

Liquid Rock Constructions used the articulated, ride-on roller to compact crushed rock before pouring a concrete slab for a new workshop, which was being constructed by principal contractor, Devco.  

Kennards have a large fleet of twin-drum vibratory rollers, after a big investment in compacting equipment in recent years.  

2.5 tonne vibratory rollers can be hired in select areas, while 1.5 tonne vibratory rollers and pedestrian rollers can be hired across the network of over ninety hire centres.  

Remote-controlled pad foot rollers, for preparing trenches, are also available in some areas.  

There are also a range of reversible plate compactors available, along with an extra large plate compactor in Perth. Rammers are also available.