Kennards Hire electric dry-cut saws keep construction sites clean and dust free.  

The electric dry-cut saws feature a 2.6Kw motor, and they cut to a depth of 120mm. They are suitable for a wide range of materials, including bricks, reinforced concrete and metal beams.  

Each electric dry-cut saw is equipped with an intelligent electronic control system which instructs the motor to adjust the amount of power required based on the material being cut.

The electric dry-cut saws also contain a vacuum unit, a feature that creates a virtually dust-free work environment.  

The Kennards electric dry-cut saws proved very handy at a recent office block refurbishment, where eight separate penetrations, each 430mm long by 320mm wide and 110mm deep, had to be cut.  

Because the process required that cable holes be drilled in the floor, if a wet-saw had been used water would have dripped through to the floor below. By using electric dry-cut saws mess was minimised and the water was contained.