A new hand held waterproof inspection camera has been introduced to the range of hire equipment available from Kennards Hire . The waterproof inspection camera is used to find, diagnose and solve problems in hard to reach areas.

Electricians, plumbers, pest controllers, motor mechanics and air conditioning and machinery maintenance workers are among those who would find inspection equipment useful in awkward areas.

The waterproof inspection camera can be used to look behind walls, inside ceilings, down sinks and other pipes, and into the nooks and crannies of machinery.

The inspection camera has a one metre long, slightly rigid but flexible cable leading to a 9mm camera head.

The camera head includes a tiny but powerful light, capable of illuminating a darkened area up to 1.5 metres away. Images are sent to a 9cm TFT-LCD wireless monitor that features a rechargeable Li-battery. The camera unit also has a video recorder, allowing the operator or client later to review the footage at a later time. Three handy accessories, including a hook, mirror and magnet, can be attached to the cable.

These waterproof inspection cameras can be hired throughout the Kennards’ network of over 100 hire centres.

Kennards also has larger pipe cameras available for hire. These pipe cameras can be used for locating problems in sewer and water pipes, drains, flue lines and ducts from 40mm to 150mm in diameter.

The camera head is attached to a 20 metre flexible rod with metric markings, and can be
pushed around bends of up to 87 degrees.

Images are relayed back to a LCD monitor and the images can then be saved for later transfer to a CD. The pipe camera runs off 240V, but also has a rechargeable battery and charger.