Equipment hire company, Kennards Hire has recently invested in compaction equipment, meaning 2.5 tonne and 1.5 tonne ride-on rollers are now available in all branches of the company’s extensive network.

Remote-controlled pad foot rollers for preparing trenches are also now easily accessible.

The compaction equipment rollout means there are more pedestrian vibrating rollers, hand guided rammers and a wider range of plate compactors, including medium and large reversible models.

The City of Marion, 10km south of Adelaide, recently used a 2.5 tonne articulated, twin drum roller from Kennards Darlington to carry out a program of upgrading children’s playgrounds.

“It’s an extremely good unit and ideal for this sort of work,” said field supervisor Theodore Cocking.

“Kennards is handy to us and hiring is much better in many ways because we only use the roller at certain times and we don’t have to pay for maintenance, service and things like that.”

Working in Columbia Crescent Reserve, Hallet Cove, a council crew stripped the old playground bare before constructing new paths and installing a range of modern play equipment.

The 2.5 tonne ride-on roller has a drum width of 1.2 metres. The ride on roller also features two vibration frequencies that allow the operator to compact a sub-base at a high centrifugal force and switch to the low setting for asphalt layers. These ride-on rollers also feature a roomy, vibration isolated operator station with all-around visibility and a single hydraulic control lever that simplifies operation with a built-in vibration control switch.