Twenty-eight new lighting towers, which have been added to the Kennards Hire equipment fleet, have a range of important features.

They are silenced, fully bunded and have an 8KVA generator, providing excess power so other equipment can run off them at the same time. The nine metre high hydraulic mast, with lights that rotate 360 degrees, can be raised in just 11 seconds.

Units are compact for towing and easily manageable by a single operator. Outriggers are fitted with locks and if the handbrake is not on, the mast cannot be raised.

The addition of the new units means Kennards now have more than 140 light towers, in various models, across a network of more than 90 branches.

This is a big increase on two years ago, when there were only about 30, and means Kennards have the capacity to handle long term hires for major projects as well as one-night jobs.