Kennards Hire has introduced a smaller version of the popular 240V, diesel-powered, infrared heater.

Heating large open areas has been revolutionised by the introduction of this 240V, infrared heater.

Unlike the larger model the new portable heater has the extra feature of a fan that is able to force out the heat making it ideal for use in large spaces as it is able to heat the area without emitting a kerosene smell.

These applications include the following:
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Showrooms ;and
  • Construction sites.
The new heater features a 10litre tank weighs just 19kg and is extremely portable.

The heater produces 51,800btu per hour and runs for around six and a half hours before needing to be re-fuelled, making it highly fuel efficient. Heat is generated by infrared rays producing a highly efficient and low cost source of warmth.

Spaces that are otherwise uneconomical to heat can be warmed efficiently with start-up taking just seconds and peak efficiency reached in less than a minute.

The Kennards’ range also includes electric, infrared heaters and LPG-powered area heaters, mushroom heaters and patio heaters.