Kennards Hire has introduced a new ground screw system, which can do away with the need for concrete footings for a range of structures from fence posts to flag poles.

Kennovations Industrial Design, a company which helps develop new product lines for Kennards Hire, has been working with ground screws specialist Krinner Australia on equipment that can be hired for this work.

A new power drill, including a special version which can be attached to a mini loader, can now be hired in each Kennards region, with stocks of ground screws also available.

While concrete footings may take two days to prepare and set, ground screws are quick to install, and can be just as easily removed when no longer needed.

This can be particularly good for goal posts and field fencing, which may be required seasonally.

Other structures which can be supported include balustrades, pergolas, decking, solar framework, flagpoles, sign posts, shelters, carports, awnings, billboards and sound barriers.

Kennards has supplies of small screws (66mm in diameter and 550mm long) for fencing, poles and balustrades, as well as larger screws that are suitable for decking, pergolas and other wooden style structures.