Kennards Hire has introduced compact fluorescent lamps to their range of work lighting equipment for hire. These work lamps are externally heat resistant, can be easily attached to ladders or scaffolding and feature a sturdy and robust housing to minimise the risk of if dropped from heights or knocked over.  

While most standard fluorescent lamps heat up during operation and require a long time to cool down, the exterior of these lamps never reaches exceedingly high temperatures, allowing them to be packed away as soon as they are no longer being used.  

Key features and benefits of the compact fluorescent lamps include:   

  • Can be fixed either horizontally or vertically using fitted rubber strap
  • A number of lamps can be linked together for large-scale projects
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Cabinet and the front panel constructed from shock-proof material
  • Provide a high level of illumination and project a soft even light