A new mini scaffold unit, consisting of just three parts, is ideal for work above stairs, especially in tight stairwells.

Suitable for maintenance and trades work, signwriting, painting and cleaning, the light-weight scaffold is easy to transport and erect.

It can be hired from Kennards 79 hire centres across Australia.

A unit consists of two end frames and a platform to which two braces are attached.

On a flat surface, it is like a set of trestles on wheels, providing a reach height of 3.8 metres. It can be configured to clear obstacles on the floor or used as a moveable workbench or transport trolley.

However, the best feature is its ability to provide a safe, level work platform when used on uneven ground or on stairs. The platform connects to each end frame at one of four supports, spaced 400mm apart, providing a work height range between 300mm and 1800mm.

Lockable, captive castors (they don’t fall out), which are fitted to the end frames, can be adjusted in 25mm increments to a maximum of 275mm.

The unit is 750mm wide, with a safe working load of 200kg. It “packs flat” for easy transportation and can be carried and erected by one man.

Kennards also hires aluminium scaffolding towers in two sizes, 750mm by 2.4m to 5.3m high (single platform) and 1.3m by 2.4m to 10.8m high (double platform), with a safe working load of up to 225kg.

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