Kennards Hire  Traffic has introduced an innovative range of lightweight backpack lights designed to increase safety and productivity among workers by keeping their hands free.  

The backpack weighs only 9kg while the glare-free 35W HID (high intensity discharge) light covers an area of about 250m². Alternatively, the versatile lights can also be mounted onto machinery and equipment.  

Kennards’ new backpack work lights are ideal for use by supervisors on night-time rail and road projects. The lights are also suitable for mining, sewer and various tunnel works as well as search and rescue operations and disaster relief.  

Key features of Kennards’ backpack lights:  

  • Glare-free 35W HID light
  • Lighting envelopes can be adjusted to 360 degrees or 180 degrees vertically or horizontally
  • Powered by a 1kg Li-Ion battery, providing light for four hours
  • Spare battery can be provided
Specialising in equipment for traffic control, Kennards Hire Traffic operates hire centres in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.