Kennards Hire  has opened a traffic management branch in Melbourne, Kennards Traffic, adding to its specialist equipment operations.  Also recently open by Kennards is a specialist generators branch in Perth, adding to its other specialist equipment operations including Concrete Care, Lift & Shift and Groundcare.

Solar-powered variable message signs, water-filled barriers, cable humps (ramps), light towers, plastic-moulded pedestrian barricades multi-message road warning signs are amongst the equipment that is available for hire from Kennards Traffic.

Kennards Traffic supplies the road safety equipment to contractors and councils involved in projects affecting traffic flow, as well as companies that provide traffic management services. Retail outlets, car yards and sporting bodies are also supplied with the traffic management equipment.

 “We are already hiring equipment to several large traffic management companies that have a lot of their own equipment,” said Kennards Traffic manager Mark Meli.

“The advantage for them is that if that if they get a large job or have a surge in the number of projects at any one time, they can call on us for extra equipment.

“This saves them outlaying capital for equipment which may lie idle during quieter periods.

“Also, if they have a breakdown of a light tower or electronic message board, or they need a road sign they don’t have available, they can call us and we will have it out to them within an hour.”