Linked portable conveyors hired from Kennards Hire overcame a major site access challenge on a Brisbane CBD site.
Director Alex Ugov of the Veer Group, which specialises in commercial interiors fit-out and refurbishment, explained that parts of the rock face behind the Adelaide Street offices had broken away over many years, filling the void between it and the building with rubble and creating a water seepage problem.
The lack of access created a problem in moving the rubble away, requiring conveyors to be used for the application.
As the conveyors were the only type of machinery that could get into the space, they were set up to run along the back of the building, up a steep incline, through a window and storage area and into a basement car park where the rubbish skips were positioned.
Assembling and disassembling the conveyor system was easy, allowing the team to reconfigure it as the work progressed. The 240V operation was quiet and there were no fumes.
The conveyors carried more than 60 cubic metres of rubble from a narrow gap between a rock face and building, through the window and into skips set up in the basement car park.

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