Kennards Hire  Artarmon has supplied a portable toilet that sits half way up a 210 metre high broadcast communication transmission tower. The installation of the portable toilet undertaken for telecommunications infrastructure company Kordia, and has solved a pressing problem for a group of workers.

The installation of the portable toilet also offers evidence of the ability of Kennards Hire to provide clean, hygienic freshwater flush toilets all job sites, regardless of the location.

Kordia has been contracted to carry out a structural upgrade of a tower at Artarmon on Sydney’s north shore. The tower was built in the early 1960s and is used to broadcast analogue and digital TV, FM radio, Digital Radio technology as well as telecommunication services.

The tower is owned by TX Australia Pty Limited (TXA), a joint venture company of the Seven, Nine and Ten metropolitan television networks, which owns and manages broadcast communication transmission infrastructure across the country.

Kordia rigging supervisor Colin Hammond said “There are six of us ‘on the job’, working 10 hours per day. When you are up there for 10 hours a day you need facilities – it’s a long way down to spend a penny.

He continued to explain that the portable toilet was winched about 100 metres from the ground to a platform and then secured by safety straps attached to the tower. The portable toilet is regularly lowered for cleaning and maintenance.

“It is a good unit with a washbasin, which also allows us to clean up before eating,” he added.