Kennards Hire  Traffic is replacing its fleet of truck-mounted attenuators (TMAs) to meet newly-introduced higher crash-resistance standards for the protection of road workers and motorists.  

Government road authorities in NSW and Queensland have introduced a requirement that TMAs be 15 tonne GVM (gross vehicle mass), which is the combined weight of a fully-laden truck and attenuator.  

The new regulations have been introduced to overcome existing inconsistencies and provide for a safer regime in truck-mounted attenuators through more demanding and uniform standards. TMA crash-resistance standards have so far been based on manufacturers’ specifications.  

Kennards Hire Traffic has quickly adapted to the new regulatory standards so that its fleet is suitable for work in all states. Kennards Hire Traffic has supplied truck-mounted attenuators for several major road projects, including the M1 West Gate Bridge upgrade in Melbourne and the M2 widening in Sydney.  

Kennards Hire Traffic’s first 15-tonne GVM truck-mounted attenuator was delivered in February with the rollout of the units to continue over the next three years.  

Kennards Hire Traffic operates specialist equipment hire centres in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.