A new line of balloon lights designed to offer wide area illumination has been introduced by traffic control equipment branches from Kennards Hire .  

Kennards operates a network of traffic control equipment hire centres in all mainland states. Balloon lights are available at the NSW and Victoria centres.  

Balloon lights are trailer-mounted lighting units that produce 360 degrees of diffused and glare-free light from three 1000W HTI metal halide lamps to provide coverage over 6500m² of area.  

Key components of Kennards’ balloon lights include an innovative mast, a rugged cabinet and chassis as well as a diesel engine. The balloon lights inflate up to 1.1m in diameter and up to 1.4m in height.  

Balloon lights from Kennards’ NSW traffic centre were recently used successfully on a major gas pipeline rehabilitation project.  

Civil construction company, Codmah hired a mixture of balloon and traditional lighting towers for a 6-month project with infrastructure company Jemena to upgrade the gas supply line to Sydney’s northern beaches.  

The project involved the laying of nearly 12km of new pipe, most of it on the shoulder of Wakehurst Parkway, which runs through bushland.  

Codmah construction manager Andy Saunders said that in addition to the 360-degree illumination, balloon lights provide good soft, glare-free light that is very driver-friendly.  

Codmah also hired Kennards’ trailer-mounted VMS boards to caution motorists about the road works.  

Andy says that Kennards’ new equipment, pricing and service were the key factors in their selection to provide lighting systems for the project.