Kennards Hire  has introduced an electric version of the Cut-n-Break saw, which can cut through double brick from one side.

Like the petrol model, which proved a big success after it was introduced by Kennards last year, the new saw cuts to a depth of 400mm, but has the added ease and convenience of 240V power.

Both electric and petrol models are now available across Kennards’ Australia-wide network of more than 90 locations.

The Cut-n-Break saw enables door and window openings to be made in double brick or concrete tilt walls from one side, instead of having to work from opposite directions.

Twin blades cut to a depth of 65mm (2 1/2in), forming a core in the saw cut. The core is broken away using a special supplied tool, and the process repeated until the required cut is achieved.

Other applications include crack renovation, expansion joint repair and creating channels for up to 20mm diameter water lines and electrical conduit in a single pass.

Pat Gough, a builder for 35 years, who hired an electric Cut-n-Break saw from Kennards Waverley to cut an opening for French Doors, said it was “brilliant”.

“It’s a lot easier than cutting from both sides, is easy to control and holds the line well,” he said.

“I can see a lot of use for it – we also used it to get rid of sandstone, by cutting deep grooves before jack hammering.”