Kennards Generators in Perth has doubled the size of its fleet of generators since opening less than a year ago. The range of generators has been expanded to include 200kVA units.

A recent shipment of generators boosted quantities in all sizes, including 20kVA, 45kVA, 60kVA, 100kVA and 200kVA. The latest generator models have synchronisation capability and will load share, offering a great deal of flexibility.

More trailer-mounted 100kVA and 60kVA sets are also available.

Kennards Generators is one of a range of specialist equipment operations within the Kennards Hire Group.

They can supply hire equipment for a variety of requirements, including power network support, construction, mining, local government, armed forces and events. Assistance can also be provided to hospitals, restaurants, hotels, shipping, schools, data storage companies, and other facilities and organisations.

Brett Hatchley, who operates B & S Concrete Cutting, finds the ready availability of generators in various sizes a big attraction, “They always have what I need, and it is good gear,” he said.

Brett mostly hires trailer-mounted generators, because they can be picked up in the afternoon so that they can be on the job at 6 o’clock next day.

However, he needed to look for another option for a job he did on a Diploma Construction site in Murray Street, Perth. A 45kVA generator was lifted by crane to level three to run a hydraulic saw, used to cut a thick section of floor and a wall.

“The power on site was fully committed, and we needed a 32 amp source to run this saw, which cuts through concrete up to 700mm thick,” he said.