Kennards now offer a more diverse range of mine dewatering pumps for customers.  

Three models, all diesel driven, have been added to the Kennards collection of mine dewatering pumps. They feature both high head and extra high head capabilities.  

Two of the mine dewatering pumps have been custom-made to suit the specifications outlined by Kennards.  

The three new mine dewatering pumps boast features including:

  • Maximum flow rate: 165 litres per second; maximum head: 165 metres.  
  • Maximum flow rate: 160 litres per second; maximum head: 125 metres.   
  • Maximum flow rate: 150 litres per second; maximum head: 125 metres.  
These new dewatering pumps have proven to be very popular amongst customers as they suit the needs of their particular projects more specifically. In most cases, as soon as the pumps are returned they are re-hired by new customers.