Equipment hire company, Kennards Hire has regularly supplied silenced 6in (150mm) pumps to the Colyer Fehr Group to assist with the export of tallow (animal fat) to China for soap making and other industrial uses.

The family-owned Colyer Fehr Group, operated by Reg Evans and sons, Damian, Luke and Tim, has supplied major Australian and overseas food, soap and chemical companies since 1976.

A recent shipment involved five 6in pumps transferring tallow into holding tanks aboard the parcel tanker vessel, Golden Spirit. Tallow is liquefied by heating to at least 60°C.

Mr Tim Evans explained that an average pumping rate of 125 tonne an hour was achieved from 15 road tankers that ran a shuttle between the storage tanks and the ship.

He explained that each pump is able to move just over a tonne a minute, equalling approximately 1300 litres.

“In the first hour, when we had all the tankers on the wharf, we probably pumped about 200 tonne.”

Mr Evans said Colyer Fehr was very happy with the performance of the pumps and the service.

“We find the pumps easy to operate, efficient and they suit the job extremely well,” he said.

“One of the key features they have over others we have used in the past is the manual lift
pump, which allows the unit to maintain a high discharge rate as head pressure into the pump

“Reliability is very important, so the fact that the pumps are new or near-new is a real plus.”

Kennards Hire has a network of hire centres which specialise in the provision of large pumps.