A high-tip dumper was hired from Kennards Hire  by a contractor who needed to move 96 cubic metres of soil and rock.  

David Jones, operator of DB & HE Building Service, used the rubber-tracked Kennards’ dumper in tandem with his own, older earthmover for a residential sub-floor excavation.  

Jones said that the high tip dumper offered the advantage of being able to lift over the side of the bin. This meant that bins were able to be filled from the side, rather than only over the top, and resulted in significant time savings.  

Although the house was on a sloping block and the pathway up to the road was narrow, steep and slippery, Kennards high tip dumpers were able to navigate the pathway comfortably.  

Kennards’ high-tip dumpers are just 685mm wide, but can carry 600kg and tip to a height of 1450mm, sufficient for a skip or a standard two-tonne tip truck.  

High tip dumpers can be hired right across the branch network, while larger high-lift dumpers, as well as low-tip machines, are available at select locations. A small number of ride-on, high-lift articulated dumpers are also on trial.