Sanding plasterboard on interior walls and ceilings can be done much more quickly and easily with a long neck Giraffe sander from Kennards Hire.

With a reach of three metres, it is much easier than sanding by hand, and can be used just as easily by home improvers as professional tradesmen.

The Giraffe sander attaches to a Kennards’ industrial vacuum cleaner, minimising the amount of dust in the air.

Giraffe sander’s swivel-mounted head adapts to the angle of the surface, and cushioned swirling pads eliminate swirl marks.

A Giraffe sander saved many hours of hard labour during a major refurbishment of a block of home units by P & V Building Works.

“It’s brilliant! I did six storeys in one and a half hours,” said Mark Smith, who sanded the ceiling joins in the lobby areas with the sander from Kennards Rozelle.

Phillip Burns, who operates the building firm, said, “It’s all time and money – years ago, you would have had to have sanded it all by hand.”

Kennards also hires rotax sanders, belt sanders, triangle sanders and orbital sanders.

Other equipment which can be hired for painting and decorating includes paint sprayers, wallpaper steamers, paint burners, aluminium trestles and scaffolding and a vast range of ladders.