Breaking up rock or concrete around the home can often be done without the cost and hassle of bringing in a jackhammer powered by an air compressor.

A much easier option is to hire an electric jackhammer, which runs off normal household power.

Kennards Hire , with more than 80 centres across Australia, has several models, along with a range of attachments, such as points, chisels and clay spades, to suit all sorts of jobs.

“Electric hammers have enough muscle for most backyard jobs,” company director Andrew Kennard says.

“The great thing about them is you can take one home in the boot of your car, and simply plug it into a power point.”

Mr Kennard says the biggest electric breaker, weighing 33kg, could be used on concrete up to 100mm (4in) thick, as well as for rock excavation or digging up bitumen and clay.

“A medium size demolition hammer, weighing 15kg, will break concrete up to 75mm (3in) thick, excavate light rock and dig up bitumen and clay,” he says.

“Then, there is a10kg hammer, which is light enough to be used horizontally, and is suitable for light demolition of bricks, rock breaking and excavation.”

Mr Kennard says, for very demanding jobs, air-powered and hydraulic powered jackhammers were also available.

“If you’re not sure what hammer is best for your job, call in and talk it over,” he adds.

Kennards also has tools and equipment for many other home renovation projects, from cleaning, carpeting and concreting to paving, plumbing and painting.

Full details can also be found in the company’s equipment catalogue, which is free at all hire centres