A hot water blaster from Kennards Hire was recently used by maintenance staff at a new ten pin bowling centre, ensuring that chewing gum is not a sticky problem.

Families have flocked to the AMF Bowling centre and M9 Laser Skirmish arena at the giant Rooty Hill RSL Club in western Sydney since it opened in June 2010.

The complex incorporates 34 bowling lanes and a 400 sqm arena for the interactive adventure game, M9 Laser Skirmish.

The concrete path outside the centre, where patrons congregate, is not well sealed and is easily stained by chewing gum, spilt soft drinks, ice cream and other food.

Steve Taylor, Facilities Manager, explained that a hot water blaster from Kennards Hire St Marys was ideal for the cleaning job.

“I have used this machine before, so I know how good it is,” Steve said. “Chewing gum just melts away.”

This 240V hot water blaster unit delivers water at up to 140 degrees at 1500psi pressure and is also good for removing oil and grease.

The single phase machine is easy to use, extremely strong and designed for continuous operation.

More information on these hot water blasters and other equipment is available from Kennards Hire.