A new 6in (150mm) trailer-mounted pump is now available from select branches of Kennards Hire in NSW and Queensland.

Capable of pumping up to 132 litres per second, it is the biggest pump in the hire company’s range.

Some of the early jobs for which these pumps have been used include transferring water between dams on a rural property, emptying a water storage pit at a sewage treatment works and pumping out a quarry after heavy rain.

A strong, robust and resilient pump, it is also suitable for use in construction and other industries. Trailer mounted and of a lightweight design, it offers good manoeuvrability. All controls are situated inside the lockable module allowing for the user to set and run, eliminating the need for after hour surveillance.

With a two bladed fully open centrifugal pump, the pump handles solids of up to 77mm and has a maximum head of 29ms. The 6in (150mm) trailer-mounted pump is 1.1m wide, 2.25m long and 1.37m high.