RoadTek hired the new Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan ground penetrating radar from Kennards Hire Test & Measure to locate sub-concrete rebar in Bribie Island Bridge. 

Originally constructed in 1963, the iconic Bribie Island Bridge is the only road link between Bribie Island and the mainland. RoadTek is a leading commercial business within the Department of Transport and Main Roads and a major provider of transport infrastructure solutions throughout Queensland.

RoadTek was responsible for securing prefabricated steel structures measuring 3m L X 800mm W to the bridge at various anchor points. These sections will create bays along the outer edge of the bridge to allow cyclists and pedestrians to pass each other safely.

The Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan system available from Kennards Hire Test & Measure incorporates the latest in radar technology to detect rebar, tendons, metal and plastic conduits, glass-fibre cables, voids, cavities and wood in dry concrete structures up to a depth of 300mm. By enabling concrete structural analysis, the radar system helps avoid costly errors caused by hitting concealed objects when drilling anchor holes or through holes, breaking out openings and diamond coring and sawing work.

Featuring a compact design, the all-in-one handheld scanner is easy to use, offers a real-time view of concrete sub-structures for direct onsite evaluation, and is capable of producing top view scans plus cross-sections. Key features also include high degree of accuracy; and PC software providing images for data analysis, evaluation and report generation.

The PS 1000 X-Scan system is ideally suited to bridge builders, civil engineering, concrete and precast construction, council, plumbing, electrical and mining industries.

Kennards Hire Test & Measure worked with the site project coordinator, arranging for an induction of the radar equipment on a Friday and providing several team members with additional instruction on the use of the unit.

Kennards Hire Test & Measure also offers power loggers, cable analysers, hydrostatic test pumps and anchor testers plus an extensive array of handheld devices. Most of this equipment is also calibrated to NATA specifications.