Kennards Hire Test & Measure has introduced a new concrete cover meter designed to simplify the process of locating reinforcing bars in concrete structures.

During construction and maintenance of concrete structures, it is important to locate steel reinforcement bars and metal pipes so that they can be avoided when drilling through the concrete cover. Drilling through the steel tension rod is hazardous to personnel, can break expensive equipment and lead to serious structural damage as floors can partially collapse in multi-storey buildings resulting in extensive and costly repairs.

The new Elcometer concrete cover meter, now available from Kennards Hire Test & Measure, simplifies the whole process of identifying the location, orientation and depth measurement of reinforcing bars and sub-surface metalwork in concrete by accurately measuring the depth of cover over reinforcement bars.

The concrete cover meter is also used to establish the condition of the metalwork and assess the corrosion potential, so that maintenance can be scheduled as required.

Leo De Sousa, Product Specialist at Kennards Hire Test & Measure East Brisbane explains that the Elcometer is the only gauge on the market that measures the thickness of concrete cover of both stainless steel rebar and metal pipes. Both audio and visual alarms will provide indication as the search head approaches a reinforcing bar. The cover meter emits a sound that increases in pitch as it moves closer to the bar while a signal strength indicator on the display simultaneously increases in length.

In addition to the depth of the concrete, and the location and orientation of the rebar or metal pipe, the cover meter can even determine the diameter of the rebar in a 5-50mm range up to 120mm deep in concrete.

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