Kennards Lift and Shift  are offering a range of new, square drive, hydraulic torque wrenches for hire, suitable for applications such as plant maintenance and decommissioning.  

These new torque wrenches are small and lightweight. They have a clean and smooth radius which enables rapid calibrated tensioning and removal of nuts.  

Kennards Lift and Shift also stock pneumatic and 240V torque wrenches with a choice of 3/4in, 1in, 1½in and 2½in drives. As these torque wrenches are accompanied by a full range of sockets, it is possible to pre-set torques between 172Nm to 36872 Nm. Each unit also includes a chart showing capability in Nm and foot-pounds.  

Another feature of torque wrenches from Kennards Lift and Shift the smaller, multi position reaction arm, which facilitates use in confined spaces. Removing and replacing the reaction arm is simple and safe thanks to the release button located inside the torque wrench housing.