Specialist hire equipment from Kennards Lift & Shift can make moving building and landscaping materials much easier. The wide range of hire equipment includes:

  • Miniveyors
  • Maxiveyors
  • Brick and block elevators
  • Tile elevators
  • Bumpa conveyors
  • Ladder lifts
  • Petrol wheelbarrows; and
  • One tonne tracked dumpers
The brick-block elevator features a mortar bucket, 240V reversible motor and can fold up for easy transport. Tile elevators have a reverse action for roof stripping.

Bumpa conveyors can handle various materials including tiles, fittings, bricks, blocks and mortar. They are able to clear 1000 tiles in 25 minutes and can be used for lifts from single storey to three storeys.

Ladder lifts are used for near vertical lifting of loads up to 200kg. They can carry a variety of loads from sand and cement to household furnishings.

More information on the range of hire equipment is available from Kennards Lift & Shift.