Kennards Lift & Shift  offers a range of rubbish chutes designed for efficient waste handling, management and removal in high-rise applications.  

Rubbish chutes from Kennards Lift & Shift were recently employed during the renovation of the Immigration Museum in Melbourne. Located in the Old Customs House, the museum tells the stories of immigrants and the impact on indigenous communities.  

A painting contractor says the rubbish chute system hired from Kennards Lift & Shift enhanced the safety of workers during the renovation project.  

Mattioli Bros. was engaged to strip the coating from the external facade and apply a new breathable coating.  

To handle the waste during the stripping phase, Kennards Lift & Shift supplied and installed a 12-metre long rubbish chute off the scaffold with seven entries.  

Wheelie bins and an electric bin tipper were provided to handle the waste at the ground level.  

“OH & S was the whole reason we did it this way,” Adam Mattioli, a principal of the company said. “We didn’t want guys going up and down eight levels of scaffolding with waste bags. It was much easier and safer for the bags to go into the chute.”  

Apart from rubbish chutes, Kennards Lift & Shift offers a vast range of equipment to help employers meet OH & S needs ranging from chain blocks and winches as well as hoists and conveyors to material hoists, tugs, skates, stair climbers, trolleys and various items for glass handling.  

Gas tripods, tripod recovery kits, rope positioning devices, gas detectors and air breathing rescue kits are available for confined space work.  

Height safety systems include roofers’ kits, roof anchors, fall arrestors and safety lanyards.  

Kennards Lift & Shift has recently opened a new hire centre in Brisbane adding to locations in Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.