Kennards Lift & Shift has a range of lifting equipment including forklifts, forklift attachments, floor cranes and block grabs fit for a wide variety of projects including construction and landscaping projects.

Image Paving, a major contractor to civil and construction companies, recently had hired out a total equipment solution from Kennards Lift & Shift for one of its current projects.

Kennards Lift & Shift was contracted to lift and install a number of different blue stone bollards, which serve as features at the 4 entrances of Watergardens Shopping Centre at Taylor’s Lake, Melbourne.

For the first set of blue stone features, which were 600mm x 300mm x 300mm and weighing 300kg, they used a floor crane and a 500kg block grab to lift and install them.

For the second set of blue stone features, due to their unusual shape and rough tapering edges, they found they could not use the block grabs. The features were 1m high, 700mm wide and 300mm think and weighing 1100kg. In total there were 18 which needed to be lifted and installed so the company decided to consult Kennards Lift & Shift to be able to work out a solution.

Lift & Shift suggested the use of a forklift attached with an extendable jib and 2-tonne nylon slings, to be used to lower the features into the holes the company had excavated so they could be set in concrete.

“It worked brilliantly,” said Adam Newy from Image Paving. “It couldn’t have worked better. We were able to install 10 of them in the one day and we’re extremely grateful for Lift and Shift’s help.”

The floor cranes are versatile and can be used for removing/replacing engines and transmissions as well being used as a mobile crane. The floor cranes are mobile and fully dismantle with different models being available able to lift up to 2000kg.

The block grabs are used for lifting and manoeuvring heavy masonry or stone blocks and prefabricated sections, and can be attached to any hook-lifting devices such as gantries and cranes.