Kennards Lift and Shift have a huge range of porta powers available for hire. They can be used for any application involving lifting, pulling, pushing, bending, load testing, or clamping. The porta powers are ideal for maintenance and construction applications. The extensive range of porta powers available at Kennards Lift & Shift allows for project applications of varying tonnage requirements.

Kennards Lift & Shift hired out 2 x 400t capacity flat jack (pancake) porta powers to the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) to help them in a bridgework project out on the Hume Highway, Berrima. They needed to replace two guided pot expansion bearings, weighing 500kg each at Wingecarribee Bridge. In order to accomplish this, they used the porta powers to jack up the bridge to take weight off the bearings to be able to replace them. A manual hand pump was sufficient to jack the cylinders and made if far simpler, negating the need for 240v power.

The 400t capacity pancake porta power cylinder has a 178mm collapsed height and 45mm stroke height and is fitted with mechanical load holding lock nuts. Its high tonnage and low space features, combined with its portability make it ideal for low height clearance applications.

In addition to the hydraulic cylinders, there is also a variety of other porta powers, from spreaders, which are great for breaking away concrete forms, bending, clamping or lifting and positioning, to hydra wedges which can lift up to 60 tonnes with only a minimum of 5mm space required.