Peter Scott reckons the 25 tonne porta power rams he hires from Kennards Lift & Shift are “as safe as houses”. Peter has been using this simple hydraulic jacking tool for over 30 years to lift houses to give home owners extra rooms or to remove the risk of flooding.

Peter explained that it is more economical for him to hire the porta power rams, rather than have his own, because of maintenance and repair costs.

“I know the Kennards equipment is well maintained and I am confident it is safe and reliable,” he said.

Peter continued to explain that the house lifting process starts with two main steel beams being driven in underneath the house. Steel gridwork is then laid across the beams and it becomes part of the house.

The hydraulic rams are connected by leads to remote pumps and are then used in a cantilever lift, with the house rising 150mm at a time. Packing wood is inserted after each lift and the process repeated.

More information on porta power rams and other hire equipment can be obtained from Kennards Lift & Shift.