A Melbourne hospital recently hired an Electrodrive tug from Kennards Lift & Shift to move a number of heavy waste bins.

Tim Walsh, the occupational health and safety officer for St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital hired the Electrodrive tug for use at Vimy House Private Hospital, Kew, to relocate eight waste bins as part of an upgrade to the site.  

During the upgrade, the eight waste bins were inaccessible to the collection truck and maintenance staff were having to move them approximately 20 metres on each of the three days per week they were emptied.  

Walsh said that there was an increasing concern that injuries were going to occur as a result of having to transport the bins by hand. While a tug seemed to be the ideal solution to the problem, Walsh was reluctant to purchase one that would only be needed while the building work was in progress.  

After contacting the tug manufacturer, Electrodrive, to find out where a tug could be hired from, Walsh spoke to Kennards Lift & Shift and entered into an exclusive agreement to hire the pedestrian-operated, battery-electric tug, which is capable of moving loads of up to two tonnes.  

Four different hitching attachments are available for the Electrodrive tug, depending on what is being towed.