Kennards Lift & Shift  hired out a lightweight, 3.6m GL12 material hoist to a maintenance contractor to carry out work at a leading Sydney hospital.  

Allstaff Airconditioning, which has the maintenance contract for air conditioning and ventilation at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, hired the unit from Kennards Lift & Shift to replace an exhaust fan in the facility’s garbage compaction unit.  

Installed and maintained by the company for over eight years, the air conditioning system is so critical to the functioning of the hospital that an Allstaff Airconditioning crew is on site full-time to carry out periodic service and respond immediately to any problems.  

Service manager Steve Duncan said they hired equipment from Kennards when their own equipment was fully utilised or when a more specialised model was needed for projects ranging from residential apartment buildings and office complexes to shopping centres and government buildings.  

Steve adds that Kennards’ wide network of branches helps the company get equipment quickly and easily.  

Kennards Lift & Shift offers a comprehensive range of mechanical hoists for limited access and heavy lifting applications.  

The GL12 material hoists can lift up to 159kg to a height of 3.6m. The smaller GL10 has the same capacity and lifts to 3m.  

Kennards Lift & Shift also offers the T bar lifts for installing ducting and air conditioning. The T-bar lift is available in 2.3m and 3.3m models, both having the same 100kg capacity.  

Gas hoists are also suitable for the application and are available in 3.8m units with a capacity of 136kg and 5.6m models that can lift up to 116kg.  

Kennards Lift & Shift operates hire centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.