Two gantries from Kennards Lift & Shift were employed to position a popular exhibit in Sculpture by the Sea, held in Sydney for the 17th year in a row.
Kennards Lift & Shift supplied the innovative lifting solution, wherein two 1.5 tonne gantries were linked with a three tonne girder trolley to achieve the 3 tonne lifting capacity needed to lift the work into its allocated place on the 2km coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama.
The Embrace sculpture created by American sculptor and master mason Richard Rhodes consisted of three pieces, the heaviest of which weighed 3 tonne. The pieces needed to be lifted into an upright position and also delicately interlocked.
Kennards Lift & Shift recommended the linked gantries solution to the Australian arm of Rhodes Architectural Stone. According to Bill Findlay of Rhodes Architectural Stone Sydney, the double gantry and two chain blocks enabled them to install the sculpture in seven hours against the two days it would have normally taken.
Kennards’ lifting solution also allowed them to have very fine control while putting the pieces together as they could easily make micro adjustments as small as 2mm without causing any chipping or cracking of the sculpture.
Kennards Lift & Shift hire equipment includes:

  • Gantry cranes including rolling gantries with a capacity of up to 5 tonne and beam spans up to 8 metres
  • Several chain block and winch options
  • Shear legs (aluminium tripods), which lift a maximum of 600kg to a height of up to 3m
  • Roustabouts to lift pipes, beams and other items weighing up to 680kg into tight positions to a height of 4.6m
Kennards Lift & Shift operates equipment hire centres in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne (two outlets), Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville.