A block grab from Kennards Lift and Shift can make light work of building retaining walls and other structures.

The device, which has a lifting eye for attachment to a crane hook, can be used to lift and manoeuvre heavy masonry or stone blocks and prefabricated sections.

It is more likely to be used with finished stone, but can also accommodate natural stone as long as it is fairly square or rectangular in shape.

Rubber pads provide additional grip and guard against damage to the material being lifted. With the jaws opened to a width of 560mm, the block grab can safely lift 500kg.

Ashfield Council in Sydney regularly uses the Kennards Lift and Shift block grab while making use of a large stockpile of sandstone blocks, recovered from old kerbing and guttering in the municipality.

The blocks are used for walls in parks and gardens, retaining walls and also to replace damaged parts of existing sandstone structures.

For lifting stone of uneven shapes, Kennards Lift and Shift hires boulder grabs, with both mechanical and manual models available.

The mechanical model can lift up to 1500kg when opened to 950mm, while the manual boulder grab can handle up to 200kg when opened to 500mm.

Kennards Lift and Shift, has centres in Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. A specialist equipment division of the Kennards Hire Group, it can provide safe and labour-saving materials handling solutions for the most awkward situations. Staffs are fully trained and able to provide advice and solutions for jobs of all difficulties.