A vertical glass lifter with 635kg capacity is now available for hire from Kennards Lift & Shift. Until now, glass lifters with such powerful capabilities have been difficult to hire in Australia. This new machine provides new opportunities for glaziers, builders and others required to transport or erect heavy windows or glass panels.  

The unique modular design of these type of heavy duty vertical glass lifters are designed to meet a wide variety of glass installation requirements and applications, such as multi-storey buildings, shopping complexes and similar challenging sites.  

Key features and benefits of the 635kg glass lifter available from Kennards Lift & Shift includes:  
A system of pad channels and interchangeable lift frames (eight 250mm vacuum pads, with a spread of 1270mm x 1353mm) for easy rotation and tilt of materials
Low profile and suitable for tight locations. Glass can be rotated 180 degrees and tilted to 90 degrees, providing a wide range of motion for glass manipulation
On-board DC power system enables cord-free operation at the job site  

Additionally, Kennards Lift & Shift also recently added ride-on, self-propelled glass lifters to its fleet and is first hire company in Australia to have the GlasLift 351 (lifts up to 350kg) and GlasLift 500 (lifts up to 500kg).