Kennards Lift & Shift  has recently introduced a range of square drive, hydraulic torque wrenches. The equipment hire company has also gone a step further by adding a torque wrench cassette model.

The specialist equipment hire company says that while conventional hydraulic torque wrenches are good in confined spaces, the torque wrench cassette option excels in extra tight situations. The cassette torque wrenches are also useful where a stud extending beyond the nut prevents the use of a square drive wrench.

TorcUP, a UK manufacturer, describes them as innovative low clearance hydraulic torque units and one of the flattest produced. To meet the size requirements of various fasteners a power cylinder is attached to exchangeable hex links in numerous sizes.

Kennards Lift & Shift explained that hiring the torque wrench units is not only more economical for short term jobs, but when considering the many different link sizes possibly required, is also better value in the long term

Calibration certificates are provided with all hire equipment, assuring customers of the accuracy of the tools.

Kennards Lift & Shift’s conventional square drive hydraulic torque wrenches have been in high demand since their introduction mid 2009. The square drive hydraulic torque wrenches are small, lightweight, and powerful with a clean and smooth radius. The wrench provides fast, calibrated tensioning and removal of nuts, even those that may not have moved for decades.

The square drive hydraulic torque wrench range includes pneumatic and 240V models, with a choice of 3/4in, 1in, 1½in and 2½in drives, accompanied by a complete range of sockets. This allows pre-set torques of between 172Nm to 36872 Nm. Each unit has a chart showing capability in Nm and foot-pounds.

The smaller, multi position reaction arm for getting into tight spaces is a feature. The reaction arm can be detached and replaced safely and easily using a release button. The release button is in a protected position within the housing.